How to convert more users when their trial expires

Why a free trial is a hard sell

The core problem with free trials

Free plans and “asking for the credit card upfront”

  • Even more customer support
  • Figuring out what to offer in the free plan and what to put in the paid plans
  • Ways to incentivize powers users of your “always free” plan to upgrade
  • Increasing spent on infrastructure and other resources

How to solve the user engagement debacle

The benefits of a paid trial

  1. Only users who are seriously considering your product will sign up for the paid trial
  2. It’s more likely that your users will find the time to test your product because they paid for it
  3. Your users value your product more compared to your competitors who offer a free plan / free trial
  4. Your users are more committed to get the most value out of your product during the trial
  5. Another huge point of friction is already removed from the conversion process (asking to put in the credit card information and subscribe to a paid plan)

Your challenge




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