How to optimize your Landing Page for Lead Generation

Why Landing Page templates and builders aren’t enough

  1. Headline
  2. Sub Headline
  3. Screenshot
  4. Description of the pain
  5. Description how the product makes the users life better and alleviates the pain
  6. Benefits with screenshots
  7. Testimonials / Social Proof
  8. Call to action (CTA)
  9. Footer

Your product and your customers

Your product and your competition

Reverse Engineering the competition

1. Finding your competitors

Searching for “Support Chat” on Capterra
The “Live Chat Software” category on Capterra
Software products in the “Live Chat Software” Category

2. Gathering information about your competitor

Wikipedia page for Intercom (company)
Crunchbase page for Intercom

3. Their Landing Page back in the day…

Wayback Machine search results for
Selecting a date on the Wayback Machines calendar view
Intercoms original Landing Page

Your challenge




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